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Client testimonials

  • Love this place - non-judgement zone, no pressure to buy the most expensive bike and very laid back guys who help you test run any and all bikes. I test ran about 4 different bikes and ended up buying the perfect one. I'm very happy with my new bike and service so far.
    Latoya W.
  • "Great crew. Bike in good shape and it was a super fast turnaround. Will be back."
    Jereme H.
  • "Love this place. Got a tune up and got my gear cartridge replaced on my 2010 fuji roubaix. The thing feels like new! Ready for spring riding!"
    Alex P.
  • "I took my bike there to fix it up... I'd inherited my friend's old bike when she decided to upgrade.  It's an old bike, and its front wheel had just been stolen so, as a novice biker, I wanted to get it up and running without investing a ton of $$.  I called around town to get estimates on the cost of a replacement wheel and front brakes.  When I got to Rollin, the manager quoted me a price at the high end of the range.  I was a little skeptical since they bill themselves as a place for the 'budget biker'.  But the final price ended up being lower than he'd quoted me, and the service was SUPER fast and friendly (they were slow the day I went in, and they were able to replace my wheel and breaks while I grabbed a coffee across the street).  I showed up a week later with a random bolt missing and misaligned handlebars, and the guys fixed it up for me in two seconds, free of charge.  It's a friendly group and they're nice to work with.   I'll definitely be taking my business back."
    Alex S.